Instructions for Flexible Sigmoidoscopy (Flexi)

Please report to: Lincoln Surgery Endoscopy Services at 1730 S. 70th St   Ste 120 Entrance D

A nurse from Lincoln Surgery Endoscopy Services (LSES) will be contacting you within a week before your scheduled procedure. Our pre-op phone calls are generally made in the afternoon, due to our nurses being involved with morning procedures.  Please plan on this call taking approximately 10-20 minutes depending on your medical information. This call is very important, so that we may obtain your information and answer any questions you have about your upcoming procedure.     


Preparing for your exam

One day before your procedure:

You may eat a normal breakfast and lunch the day before your procedure. However, your evening meal will consist of a clear liquid diet ONLY. Below is a list of a clear liquid diet, please note that no red dye is allowed (no red Jell-O, red drinks etc.) Please limit all dark beverages such as Tea, Soda, Coffee, etc. to 2 cups daily.

Sample of clear liquids:  NO RED DYE

Soda                                  Juice                                  Sports drinks                  Other Options

              All Sodas                          Apple                                Gatorade                          Coffee/Tea (limit 2)      Water

              Root Beer (limit 2)        Cranberry                        PowerAde                       Crystal Light                    Popsicles

              Sprite/7up                       Grape                                All Sport                          Jell-O

              Coke/Pepsi(limit 2)      White Grape                    Propel                              Broths/Bouillons


The day of your procedure:

Upon rising, use one Fleet’s enema.  For best results, please try to retain enema fluids for as long as you are able. You will use the second enema about 15 minutes prior to leaving for your appointment. You may continue the clear liquid diet up until your appointment time.

Please bring your insurance card and picture ID (driver’s license is okay).  Arrive for the exam at the above scheduled time.

While we may have notified your insurance company, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company regarding your benefits and how this procedure will be paid.