Patient Instructions

Before Your Procedure:

Lincoln Surgery Endoscopy Services will attempt to call you 2 business days before your procedure. Our staff will obtain information and answer any questions you may have.

Our clinic is open Monday thru Thursday from 7:00-3:30pm and Friday from 7:00-2:00pm. Please note that we have patient care in the morning and will usually return phone calls in the afternoon. Our phone number is 402-484-9050. After hours you may reach the physician at  402-441-5600.


1. The morning of your procedure please take your usual medication for heart, blood pressure, or seizure (if having a colonoscopy please take after your laxative to help with absorption) but please HOLD ALL OTHER MEDICATION unless directed differently by your physician.

2. Bring your insurance card, picture ID (driver's license is okay), and COMPLETED Health History Questionnaire and Medical Reconciliation Form with you.

3. No smoking after midnight and NO alcohol.

4. Leave all jewelry and valuables at home. Please do not wear contact lenses, you may wear your glasses.

5. Arrive at the center as instructed. The extra time is necessary for admission procedures. Please plan on being with us for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours. Do not wear makeup or fingernail polish.

6. Because of the sedation, you must have arrangements to take you home – a taxi or bus is not acceptable. If these arrangements are not made, the exam will be cancelled. Also, a responsible companion needs to be with you the remainder of the day. *An exception is flexible sigmoidoscopy if no sedation is given.

Colonoscopy Patients Only

1. You should have received your Laxative Instruction Sheet from our physician’s office. It will usually come in the mail in a white envelope. Please follow these instructions given to you regarding your prep and not the instructions on the laxative box since they may differ in information. After taking the laxative, if you vomit up the prep within 15 minutes, please call the physician on call at 402-441-5600.

2. The day before your procedure you will not eat ANY food. You will be on a clear liquid diet (this information is on our laxative instruction sheet which is located under our Prep/Laxative link under the Colonoscopy tab. Fluids are greatly encouraged. You may drink up to 2 hours before your admit time to our clinic.

3. Please do not eat any foods containing Olestra or Alli 5 days prior to procedure.

4. We have added a Prep Recommendations portion to this website. Please see under the Patient Information Page.


EGD- Upper Endoscopy Patients Only

1. Nothing to eat after midnight, but you may have water up to 2 hours prior to your admit time.

2. You will stay in your own clothes during your procedure so please wear something comfortable. Also due to our blood pressure cuff and IV needed, please wear a short sleeve shirt.

3. If you take any medications such as NSAID (see NSAID medication list under the patient information tab) arthritis medication or anticoagulant we might want you to hold off on these medications 5 days prior to your procedure unless otherwise directed by your primary care physician or our physicians.

After Your Procedure:

1. Once the procedure is over, you will be assisted to the Post Recovery Bay. The companion who accompanied you to the center will be invited to join you at this time.

2. At this time your physician will visit with you and your companion regarding the immediate findings of your procedure. This information will also be written down on your post procedure instruction sheet, since the medication you received may make you forgetful.

3. During this period of time your nurses will provide you with instructions regarding your care at home. Approximately 20-30 minutes after your procedure you will be dismissed from the center and be escorted to your car.

4. Do not return to work, drive, make any important decisions, or operate any machinery for the remainder of the day.

5. If you have any further questions for the physician, or need your results regarding lab, please call the physician at 402-441-5600.



Flexi Patients Only

Flex Sig Prep

1. Clear liquids only starting with the evening meal prior to appointment day. Continue with clear liquids until appointment time.

2. Clear liquids include: 7-up, Sprite, Kool-Aid, water, clear fruit juices (apple, grape or cranberry), bouillon, popsicles, plain Jell-O, Gatorades/Powerades, coffee, and tea.  NO RED DYE allowed in any of these beverages.

3. Day of appointment-upon arising, use one Fleet’s enema. About 15 minutes prior to leaving for your appointment, use the 2nd Fleet’s enema.


If you have any questions regarding the prep, please call the office nurses at 402-41-5600.