Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have someone stay with me the entire time I am at the facility?

Yes, this allows our physician to talk with them if needed and allows for you to be discharged in a timely manner. Due to the medication received during the procedure, you may be forgetful afterwards, having your family/friend here will allow for you to understand your discharge instructions better.

How long will my stay be at your facility?

Please plan on being with us for about 1 to 2 hours.On average, your admission and pre-op process will take approximately 30 minutes. The length of your procedure will depend on your procedure type and other factors. After your procedure, plan on a 20-30 minute post-procedure stay.

Can my family/friend be with me while I am getting ready for my procedure?

After you check in with our admissions personnel, you and your family/friend will wait in our waiting room. When you are brought back for your procedure, your family/friend will be asked to wait in our waiting area. After your procedure is completed, we will allow your family/friend to join you in the recovery bay.

When will I know the results from my procedure?

The physician will visit with you and your family/friend after the completion of your procedure. At this time, we will write down the results on a discharge instruction sheet. If any biopsies are taken, or polyps are removed, the tissue will be sent in to be examined by a pathologist. These results will be available in 2-3 working days.

Will I be completely asleep or awake during the procedure?

We provide conscious sedation for our patients during the procedure if sedation is used. This allows for you to continue to breathe on your own and follow simple commands if needed. Each individual reacts to sedation differently, you may be awake for the procedure or drowsy/sleepy. Our goal is to keep you comfortable. Our nurses will be available to talk to you about your sedation before your procedure if you have any further questions.

What medication can I take the morning of the procedure?

If you take medication for your heart, blood pressure or for seizures, you may take them the morning of your procedure. Hold any other medications unless instructed by your physician. Please note that if you are taking a bowel laxative/prep in the morning, do not take your medications with the laxative. This will hinder absorption. If you wish to take your medications the morning of the procedure, wait approximately 1 to 2 hours upon completion of your laxative prep.

Can I drive or return to work?

Due to sedation (please disregard if no sedation is given) you will not be able to work or drive for the remainder of the day. Even though you may feel back to normal, the sedation you receive will delay your reaction time.  For your safety and the safety of others, do not drive! You will be able to resume daily activities the next day.

When can I eat?

As long as no other procedures or tests are needed, you will be able to eat once you leave our facility. We do recommend that you start with a lighter portion of food and advance throughout the day. No other food restrictions are usually given.

Colonoscopy Patients

How fast will my prep work?

There are many factors that affect how quickly your prep/laxative will work, from an individual’s metabolism, medication usage and hydration status. Depending on the laxative prescribed by the gastroenterologist, results of your prep may vary anywhere from 15-45 minutes after consumption. Again, every individual responds differently to the laxative. If you are not having any results by 9:00 p.m. the night before the procedure, please call our physicians at 402-441-5600.

Can I eat the day before my procedure?

The day before your procedure you are NOT to eat any food! You will be on a clear liquid diet only. Please refer back to the instructions given to you from Consultants In Gastroenterology, in the white envelope. This information is also available under the colonoscopy tab on our website.

Do I need to take both preps?

Please follow the instructions given to you from Consultants In Gastroenterology placed in the white envelope. Do not follow the instructions on the laxative box. If the instructions from the office state to take the laxative at 5:00 pm and 5:00 am, please do so. It is very important that you take the laxative as prescribed by our physicians. Even if you are having clear results the evening before your procedure, you must still take the morning laxative if prescribed. To ensure that we are able to see your colon wall adequately, please take the laxative as directed (evening and morning dose if prescribed).

Do you have any recommendations on how to take the prep?

Yes, we do have a few suggestions, please see below. This information is also located under the patient information tab. Recommendations from previous patients regarding the Laxative/Bowel Prep

1.    Once laxative is mixed, place in refrigerator to chill and/or pour over ice when ready to drink. (Refrigeration should not exceed 24 hours)

2.    Drink the laxative through a straw. This helps the laxative go down faster and it will help bypass your taste buds.

3.    If you feel the taste is unpleasant, it may be helpful to drink apple juice, tea or your favorite clear liquid.  This may help with getting the prep down.

4.    DRINK, DRINK, DRINK ALL DAY! The more you drink, the better the laxative/prep will work and the better you will feel!

What do I do if I am unable to get the prep down?

If the laxative you received instructs you to take the dose in the evening and in the morning, some patients state that the morning laxative is difficult to consume. This may be due to the fact that our body is dehydrated because of the laxative the night before. Please hydrate well to decrease this from happening. However, if you are unable to continue or keep the laxative down, please call our physicians at 402-441-5600.

What results should I be seeing?

Time of results will vary for each individual. However, all of our laxatives should be working by 9:00 pm the night before your procedure. If not, please call our physicians at 402-441-5600. The majority of our patients state that they have bouts of diarrhea before bedtime, which is expected as a result of the laxative. The morning of your procedure, following your second dose of laxative, you should be having yellow (almost urine-like) to clear results. You should be able to see the bottom of the toilet. If after completion of your second prep the morning of your procedure, your stools are still dark and muddy looking, please call our physicians at 402-441-5600.


Will I have a sore throat after the procedure?

Most of our patients do not have a sore throat after the procedure. The few patients that do have a sore throat should only have mild discomfort for a few days. Trying not to talk during your procedure will decrease the risk of your throat being sore.

How will I breathe during the procedure?

Our scope goes down the same passageway as your food, not your airway. You will be able to breathe on your own during the procedure. This procedure on average takes about 10 minutes to perform.